When you choose to come to St Brendan’s Catholic School you choose more than just an education.


We are committed to ensuring our students have the best start possible to school and receive a high quality education.

We are committed to fostering effective communicators so that our students can participate fully in all aspects of life.

“My children attend St Brendan’s Catholic School Lake Munmorah. They love English lessons and it is run in the classroom in various ways. They get a shared text every week which they read all together and it can be a website, song or a book. For writing, they read different types of texts which include informative, persuasive and imaginative styles and then have a go at writing one themselves – it’s very involved and great for the students! There is great support in the classroom for all levels with extension learning and support learning to cover all abilities and strengthen each child’s learning in this area. Very happy with how the school is teaching my kids.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 2 and Year 5 Parent: 7th April 2020


We are committed to developing our students’ mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence.

“As a parent of a gifted child, I have to say St Brendan’s has been outstanding in cultivating my son’s mathematical intellect. Their open-ended learning has been instrumental in accelerating his thinking and has been essential in expanding his mathematical aptitude. Having extended maths groups led by teachers who share that same passion for maths has been critical in his advancement.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 5 Parent: 8th April 2020


Committed to ensuring parents and carers are involved in the full life of the school:

“St Brendan’s has met every expectation I have had and beyond, from the Early Learning Centre to Primary School and Outside of School Hours Care (OSHC), including the transitioning to St Brigid’s. There have been so many opportunities to work with other parents and facilitators in Parent Education Sessions. I have loved being welcomed into the school to support different initiatives such as Grandparents’ Masses, the Trivia Night and more. A shout out to Rebecca Leahy, the Family Liaison Officer. She is always available for a chat and is able to point parents in the right direction. I have felt so supported by her and all of the School Community.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Parent 26th March 2020


Committed to educating and forming young people in Catholic Discipleship:

“Joining the St Brendan’s Family has been one of the best decisions we have made for our 2 kids. It is a nurturing community of faith that allows us to enlighten each other on parenting, faith and other areas of life. St Brendan’s Catholic Education Program has raised our kids to grow spiritually, morally and socially and has allowed them to use and develop their talents inside and outside the classroom.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Parent 6th April 2020


Committed to integrating technology into all aspects of the curriculum.

“Technology assistance at St Brendan’s has been wonderful for our son. We had the opportunity to observe him with the Bee Bots and were so surprised on how well he took up the challenge and succeeded in his tasks with minimal assistance. Coding has been recognised as a skill and interest of our son and he has since been asked to join the Coding Club to harness and grow these skills. He is the youngest member of the club by far, only being in Year 1! The technology used at St Brendan’s will certainly help our son and other children into the future”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 1 Parent: 6th April 2020

St Brendan’s is committed to providing students with a 21st Century Education, to equip them with the skills they need to succeed in this new and ever-changing world.


We are committed to fostering and encouraging our students to express themselves creatively.

“We are very impressed with the quality and variety of Creative Arts programs offered at St Brendan’s. Over the last 6 years our children have had the opportunity to engage in dance and drama through whole school musicals, dance groups, choir, drawing club and art competitions. Drawing club has enabled my child to compete in competitions run by local organisations providing recognition for the amazing talents of the students of St Brendan’s and links with the community. I am especially appreciative of the fact that these groups are inclusive and provide performance opportunities for all students. I am also grateful for the hard work and dedication from the creative staff at St Brendan’s who give hours of their own time to provide these extracurricular activities.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 5 Parent: 8th April 2020


We are committed to developing in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. We provide a range of exciting sporting initiatives across the school extending our students talented sporting achievements.

“Our daughter has loved all the sporting opportunities that are available at St Brendan’s. I have found St Brendan’s to be encouraging and supportive of my daughter’s abilities to help her reach her sporting goals. The school gives every child the opportunity to participate and have fun regardless of their ability. Along with Physical Education lessons with Mr Banks, the children also have class sport and there are additional experiences that include Gala Days, Swimming Carnivals, Athletics Carnivals and Cross Country Carnivals. The school hall is fabulous because sport is never cancelled, even in wet weather!”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 6 Parent: 9th April 2020


We are committed to supporting all students in achieving their full potential by targeting individual learning needs within inclusive learning environments.

“Our son has attended St Brendan’s for the last 4 years and looks forward to attending school each and every day. We have always been impressed by the quality of teachers and support staff at St Brendan’s. Our son has planned Individual Learning Goals and is enthusiastic about his learning, which is highly supported by the school.”

Received by email from a St Brendan’s Year 4 Parent: 9th April 2020