Rhoden - Bishop's Choice Winner Religious Creative Arts Competition 2022 - St Brendans Lake Munmorah

Rhoden – Bishop’s Choice Winner Religious Creative Arts Competition 2022

The 2022 Religious Creative Arts Competition was filled with incredible work across all categories giving expression to the word “courage”.

Bishop’s Choice and Winner was announced as Rhoden in Kindergarten, Early Stage 1 Visual Arts from St Brendan’s Catholic School, Lake Munmorah.

Bishop Anthony Randazzo said of the work, “Rhoden has captured the simple ‘icon-ic’ dimensions of St. Mary of the Cross – as a sister of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The fine detail in her face, with a modern twist, shows a beautiful woman whose eyes look deeply inward and outward. This is beautifully simple, yet profound. Excellent work!! Thank you.”

Title of art work: St. Mary of the cross MacKillop
Artist’s reflection: “Saint Mary MacKillop showed courage as she went out and helped all the poor people and gave all the poor kids schools.”

Well done Rhoden!

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