Authors in the Spotlight - St Brendans Lake Munmorah

Authors in the Spotlight

St Brendan’s Students are Writers!

At St Brendan’s we have a focus on developing strong writers. Please enjoy the published work of some selected students.

Nate in 1G viewed ‘Partly Cloudy,’ a Pixar animated short film on the Literacy Shed website. In response, he imagined he was Gus and wrote a letter to Peck telling him how he was feeling.


Dear Peck
Please come back.
Where are you anyway?
I am really sad right now.
I am angry too.
Please Peck, give me one more chance.
I’m so so sorry.
I didn’t mean to give you a crocodile.
Can you write a letter to me?
From Gus

KAREENA LEE By Kirra in 6 Red

2x1500m Australian Champion
2x2km Australian Surf Champion
Pan Pacific OWS

Kareena grew up with a backyard pool so she got into swimming at a very young age. From the age of
two Kareena started swimming lessons and moved into squad and competing at five. She was in squad
at Mingara pools and now she trains at Noosa Swimming Club. Her goal at the time was to be like
her brother and someday beat him.

Kareena still remembers watching the 2000 Sydney Olympics when she was only six years old. She was
in absolute awe of Susie O’Neill and decided she wanted to be just like her. Up until age seventeen,
butterfly was her main event.

Being a swimmer, Kareena has to do 10 swimming sessions a week and they go for one to two and a
half hours each. She also does two and a half hours of gym sessions and 2 yoga sessions a week.

Her main event in the pool is 1500m freestyle and she is currently the fastest Australian woman ever in
the 1500m . In the open water she swims 10km and she does that in two hours.

Swimming has impacted Kareena’s life in a big way. She has to have self-management, time management and organisation. This was especially important when she attended school and university
on top of swimming. It has taught her to set goals and to be committed and resilient.