Creative Arts - St Brendans Lake Munmorah
Extra Curricular

Creative Arts

Dance, Drama and Performance

St Brendan’s students are given opportunities to be involved in whole school productions which involve music, dance and drama. We have a team of highly motivated teachers at St Brendan’s who ensure that these opportunities are readily available for students. These productions include; School musicals and Wakkakiri.

We also have a smaller group of students known as our Dance Troupe. These students develop further dancing skills and techniques in preparation for performances within and outside our school.

School choir

Weekly rehearsals are on offer for the choir. Children are able to then perform at school masses, parish functions and community events.  We also provide opportunities for our students to perform for our local community at local organisations and shopping centres. Our choir have an opportunity to participate in a Choral Day which combines a number of Central Coast Catholic Schools and is held on alternate years.


Italian classes are held each week for students. Our students engage in a variety of learning experiences which help them to understand the culture in Italy and how language is used to communicate.

“The study of languages provides opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity, more respectful of others and more aware of their place in the international community. Contemporary research and practice have established a clear link between the learning of languages and improved literacy (Italian K-10 Syllabus).

Music Program

St Brendan’s students have an opportunity to learn and play music through group lessons or as part of an ensemble. Each class engages in weekly Music lessons. Our students have opportunities throughout the year to perform for the whole school.

Private Music Tuition is also available each Friday on the school premises with “The Music Bus“. Please contact our school office for more information or to enrol your child in this learning experience.